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Rock Armour


We supply rock armour to support piers for sea defence and to protect the land from the sea erosion.

How it Works

  • Large boulders, of 10 tonnes or more, are piled up along the shoreline to form a type of sea wall.
  • The rocks are dumped on top of each other leaving gaps between them allowing water through. This disperses the energy of the waves and reduces erosional power, which can be very effective.
  • The boulders must be large, strong and resistant to erosion. Granite and basalt is often used. Small or weak rocks would not be able to withstand the impact from the waves and would erode quickly.

Our Rock Armour Projects

 We have supplied rock armour over the years for many different sea defence walls in Donegal such as:
  • Arranmorecreevy pier
  • Ballyshannon
  • Tory Island
  • Maghery
  • Mahergroarty

This is pefect for sea defence as it does not erode.

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